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Placerville Realty has been serving the real estate needs of El Dorado County for over 45 years. Licensed by the State of California in 1974, Steven Baker became the company’s top listing and selling agent. Four years later he became its proud owner. Incorporated in 2008, he now also serves as the President of Placerville Realty, Inc.

In the early 80’s property management became an integral part of the company. The market demand for quality & dependable property management led us to specialize exclusively in residential property management.

Placerville Realty, Inc. has become one of the most respected, full-service professional property management companies in El Dorado County; serving the communities of El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Diamond Springs, El Dorado, Camino, Pollock Pines, and other surrounding areas.

As your property management company, you can rest assured that we will take care of your home as if it were our own: We will do our best to acquire and maintain the most qualified tenant on the terms best suited to your requirements. Credit verification, job history, account payment history, and rental references are all mandatory on every application submitted. We also ensure that any necessary repairs and/or inspections are completed in a timely and cost effective manner by dealing directly with licensed professionals. The prompt collection of rent and forwarding of rental proceeds is priority.

Upon your request, we will meet with you, tour your home, offer a free rental market analysis, and answer any questions you may have.

Property management is a learned skill. Protect your real estate investment by contacting Placerville Realty, Inc. today.

Questions? Call us at (530) 644-4585 or contact us here


Recommended Vendors

Placerville Realty Recommends… Some of these vendors pay Placerville Realty, Inc. a fee to advertise on our site. While we cannot guarantee the service or price of any 3rd party vendor, these businesses have a history with us of providing reasonably priced, excellent, prompt, and dependable service. – SB