We have asked homeowners what are the most important issues and criteria in choosing a management company. Our service is tailored to addressing these important concerns and being certain we are the management company for you.

Placerville Realty, Inc. is licensed by the State of California as an “S” corporation. The President of Placerville Realty is Graeme J. Grant who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker. We have a network of vendors that are on- call for any situation where they may be needed.

You want a company that has years of experience. After more than 40 years in property management, we have experienced almost every situation one can imagine. We have represented hundreds landlords and their properties. There is not another agent in El Dorado County with the years of experience we possess. That is a fact we are very proud of.

We know that your home is a huge investment that must be protected. Every effort is made to procure the very best tenant and to make sure that the value is maintained. We screen every tenant’s personal history including credit, employment, income, and rental. We provide you with this information so that together we can choose a tenant. We know the details of home construction. If a situation arises that requires a vendor, such as an electrician or plumber, we analysis the situation, attempting to keep your cost as low as possible, and act without delay.

Prompt service, to both landlords and tenants, is a priority. You have questions, we have answers. All calls and emails are returned promptly. We are the company for you.