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You can pay your rent using a credit/debit card or automatic payment from your checking account! Contact us to be added to our resident’s portal.

There is a charge for this service. Cost is $3.95 per transaction for payments directly from your checking account (ACH or debit cards). This service is secure, and is compliant with PCI DSS and SSL industry Standards.

Please click here to view the TENANT ADVISORY.

To your right you can see a list of homes currently available for rent. You can also view our homes currently unavailable by clicking on the “Archives of Previous Rentals” button at the top of the screen.

After receiving your completed application, we will contact the owner of the property to review your application, credit, and work history. If approved, we will schedule a showing of the interior to make sure that the home meets your needs. We complete this procedure without delay so you can be assured you have a place to call home.

The properties on this web page may not represent all of the properties that are available through Placerville Realty, Inc. Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for. Some of the properties listed may have already been rented and are no longer available, so please contact us to verify availability.

After verifying that the property you are interested in is still available, click here for the rental application, complete the short application, and send it to our office via the SUBMIT button. We will review your application, verify your credit standing and if approved, make an appointment to show you the residence. We will NOT contact your current landlord until you have previewed the interior of the residence and stated that you in fact would like to rent the residence. At that time, we contact the owner for their approval, and with an approval, will draw the rental agreement on agreed upon terms and conditions.

Click here to submit a rental application